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HRANA Abolfazl Abedini’s transfer to Karoon Ahwaz Prison
Thursday, May 14/2010

HRA News Agency: Abolfazl Abedini Nasr, journalist and human rights activist was transferred from Evin prison to Karoon prison in Ahwaz, on the morning of Thursday,May 14/2010.

According to HRANA,Abedini who was arrested on March 3/2010 following the raiding of his family residence and brutal beating by tens of security officers, was transferred to Evin prison. After being confined in solitary confinement over 70 days in section 2A Sepah Pasdaran, he was transferred to Karoon Ahwaz prison to finish his 11 years sentence.

This young journalist has been under tremendous physical and psychological duress. Due to his vast suffering of heart condition and not enduring pressure and tension, he was sent to Evin prison clinic.

This human rights activist has been sentenced by Branch 1 Revolutionary Court and quick confirmation of the decree by Branch 13 Ahwaz Appellate Court to 11 years confinement as a result of the following charges ; affiliation with human rights organizations (5 years sentence), propaganda against the regime (1 year sentence), and communication with hostile governments (5 years sentence).

Abedini suffers from heart problem and physical debility.

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