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Friday September 10, 2010
HRA News Agency- Friday morning Hojat Kalashi, the leader of the Pan Iranist Party Youth Organization was arrested.
According to HRANA, Hojat Kalashi, 31 years old, graduated from Tehran University, earned his Masters in Political Sciences, has been under great pressure by the Security Forces after returning from Military service, since 4 months ago. The Security Forces have put severe pressure on this political activist who suffers from cardiac disease, and is the only child to his disabled father. He was exiled to Khash (Sistan and Baluchestan). The past few years he has been prevented from further studies to earn his doctoral degree.
The Security forces have pressured this political activist’s family furthermore, after his return from exile, through an illegal summons for his ailing father, which they were notified that “If his son does not stop his political activities at once, he will be removed.”
Link: http://www.hrana-iran.info/00/3899-1.html

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