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Abolfazl Abedini, Shahin Zeinali, Peyman Aref and Hossein Ronaghi Maleki, the four political prisoner in section 350, Evin prison, through a joint statement protested to Iranian government silence about the brutality against the Iranian minority residing in Bahrain, and because of the record of Iranian government against its own residents ,its potentiality to defend and support the democracy movement in Bahrain,is considered ineligible to justify Human Rights for Bahrain nation.
Full text of joint statement that had submitted to Human Rights Committee is as follows;
Throughout decades of separation of Bahrain from our country, Al Khalifeh dynasty has ruled with racism and repressive manner over the land. Decades that all possible efforts were taken by Bahraini authorities to change the racial composition of the population density from Iranian-Arabs to Saudi- Arabs,the tragic and harrowing epic of forced migration of Iranian and Bahraini shiites, at the time that Islamic Republic of Iran has always introduced itself as the most important and the undisputed power in the Persian Golf region, unfortunately at the same time,granting effective protection of the Iranian population is denied, and this is a long sorrowful story by itself.
Yes, unfortunately throughout these years Iran foreign policy has not taken action to effectively serve these former Iranians!At the same time the most brutal and ruthless act is taken against them by Al Khalifeh government!
And now, once again, the oppressed citizens of this country have demanded democracy and dissolving social-political apartheid, the Iranian government, because of its inferior record against its own citizen, sees the potentiality to defend and support the democracy movement of Bahrain citizens inconceivable,(out of his hands).
The events in Bahrain and the continued presence of people against Al Khalifeh dictatorship could be a lesson learned for all the authoritarian regimes. Because of perseverance and resistance of the people, eventually all the obstacle that Al Khalifeh has created, is pushed aside ,and the gateway tosovereignty and power under the society and public need, will be provided.
That time would not be so far, and the ones who are standing in front of Bahraini citizens and has been quiet in regards to the peoples demands, will be disgraced and ashamed!
These conditions must be evaluated , of course particularly by the western governments, specially European Unions and United states of America. If the western power accompanies the democracy movement in Tunisia, Egypt and even Libya, it is expected to support the movement of Bahraini people.
At the end, we, the political prisoners, that have been unfairly imprisoned for seeking democracy and patriotism, initially demand from Iran government with observance and protection the rights of Iranian nation to consider all the legitimate demands made by the nation, to release all the political prisoners, then to apply active foreign and even necessary humanitarian intervention to support the democracy movement of these former citizens that were separated from the motherland, not by their own democratic free will.
Abolfazl Abedini, Shahin Zeinali, Peyman Aref, Hossein Ronaghi Maleki

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