Paniranism (which means the political and cultural union of all Iranians) was a reaction by Iran nationalists toward separating different parts and country by Russia and England imperialism .According to the contracts which Russia and imposed to Iran 200 years ago ,many provinces separated from Iran middle Asia and Caucasia and their political and cultural rights were ignored too.

Paniranism were the need of Iranian nation in separated and oppression and interval moments.and that purpose was to make the Great Iran .They belive that all tribes of iran are the branches  of old ancient  tree of Iran . Azaris, Armanis ,Tajiks ,ossetis , kurdishs ,and… .

Iranian nationalists believe that Iranian should be powerful like old days in order to get to their aims and help to the global civilization.

They say that Iranian people are the nations who are spreaded in different countries and their purpose is that all Iranians should live in a united country. So the boundaries between Iran and neighbor countries are the imposed boundaries which imperialists have made because of their own benfit.

Persian language and literature, historical background ,Aryan race and many other similarities are parts of Iran`s nations indentity .