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JARAS: Abolfazl Abedini’s mother quotes, “ It is two years now that Abolfazl is in prison without a day off, not even for Eid. As you know the bail is too heavy, and I can not afford it; it is very hard. After much struggle, going to the District Attorney, and having the run around, I do not know if they are going to agree or not.”

Abolfazl Abedini is a political prisoner that has been imprisoned for the past two years. He is not granted to leave prison even for one day. This activist is completing his sentence with its one year increase which was issued by residing Judge Moghise branch 28, Revolutionary Court.

Interesting to note, the prisoner has already been sentenced based on the “propaganda against the regime” charges and completing his prison term, while one more year is added to his sentence based on the same accusations.

Assereh Eyvazi, Abolfazl Abedini’s mother, referring to her pain and sorrow, told “Jaras”: “Now it is two years that Abolfazl is in prison and has not been awarded Prison Leave even for one day!He could not even leave for the Eid. As you know the bail is too heavy, I can not afford the bail, and it is very hard. After a lot of struggle, going to the District Attorney, and having the run around, I do not know if they are going to agree or not.”

Abolfazl Abedini was arrested for the second time in March 2010 and was transferred to Section 2- Evin prison. After he was convicted, Abolfazl was retransferred to Karoon Ahvaz prison. In September 2011, while completing his sentence with onerous conditions, was transferred back to Section 350-Evin prison.

In early 2010, his Mother wrote an open letter to the head of the Judiciary system,” These days, throughout the New Year’s days, I have been a witness to my imprisoned child who is sick, and his unknown psychological, mental, and physical conditions has been my gift for the New Year. Since five years ago this tiny young man has been arrested every year, tortured, and after completing long term in solitary confinement, with the heavy bail issued by the court of justice, and the help of sympathetic individuals, he has been released. He was not convicted in any of the courts and was acquitted honorably every time. For committing what sin does he deserve these tortures? For the sin of defending Khuzestan’s Haft Tappeh Sugarcane Laborers? For defending the Teacher’s union? For defending the bus drivers’ union and other guild? Or expressing the present situation of our Country?”

This afflicted mother has broken her silence after two years and in regards to her last visit with her son, she stated,”Last week, I visited my son. Thank God he was fine. His situation is better than before, but because of the long distance and my poor health conditions, and riding the car, it is very hard for me to visit him every week. When he looks at me and feels my situation, he says, ‘With all these troubles please do not come to visit. You will become sick and tired.’ Sometimes, when I can not visit him, they let him call me. We can visit him in-person once a month. Of course we have to fill the form for permission to be able to do so. The in-person visits are very nice since we can sit together. These kind of meetings has had a nice ambiance to it. But just once a month! He suffers from cardiac disease, has shortness of breath and is under medication for these conditions. Abolfazl has been a very kind, soft, spoken individual. He has found right route for himself and his activites. He has been active, so he was arrested. What else can I say?! I can not do anything for him, I can only visit him to calm myself down.”

At the end Mrs. Eyvazi adds, ” I am a mother, who worries for and misses her child. But what can I do? Is there any other way but to have patience? Now, it has been two years that Abolfazl has been in prison. There are ten more years left from his sentence for his Human Rights activities and the interviews in regard to Human rights issues. How can I not be sad? What am I able to do? My only wish is for Abolfazl to be “FREE”. Sewer the God, I pray for all the young prisoners day and night and for their freedom. It is not just my child. There are so many of them that every time we go for a visit we get lost. I ask God to free all of them.”

It is worth it to mention that Abolfazl and nine other political prisoners in section 350-Evin prison throughout an open letter, protested the situation of sick political prisoners conditions that has no access to medical treatment.

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