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Last night Abolfazl Abedini, member of Pan Iranist party, following several months of intense efforts for his transfer on one hand and the immense pressure that he was faced in Karoon Ahvaz Prison , was finally transferred to Evin prison in Tehran..
Abolfazl Abedini was arrested on the eve of March 2,2010 in Khuzestan. He was transferred to Evin prison immediately. Later,Abolfazl was moved back to Karoon Ahwaz prison. Because of his apprehension and exposure to the separatists, he was in copious difficulties and had been beaten and battered many times.
It is noteworthy to add that Abolfazl Abedini has been sentenced to 11 years imprisonment. This sentence in its kind is unprecedented.
Original link: www.paniranist.info/?p=713

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