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April 30, 2010 at 1:43pm
Iranian Writer’s Guild

Abolfazl Abedini Nasr is born in September 1981. He is one of the several journalists and human rights activists that are jailed. He has been arrested many time during recent years. At the time of vast arrest of human rights activists,he was arrested in his family residence in the city of Ramhormoz, province of Khuzestan, and later transferred to Evin Prison.

Recently, Abolfazl has been sentenced to 11 years of confinement,which is one of the toughest sentence for human rights activists.

His mother was able to visit him after months of not knowing about his condition. After her visit she went to the District Attorney’s office and demanded his immediate release.

Mehrab Abedini, Abolfazl’s brother , in an interview with Free Journalists Site (Azadi Rooznameh Negaaran), while he thanked his attorney, Mr. Olyaeifard,told the reporters;

Mr. Abedini ,please tell us about your brother’s condition?
After Abolfazl being in solitary confinement for 50 days, had been transferred to another section ,confined with few others on April 6. Finally on April 8 ,my ,other was able to visit him for the first time. Unfortunately, the rest of the family were not allowed to visit him.

How was his spirit in his first visit?
My mother said that he looked hopeful and had fine spirit. According to her ,Abolfazl was hopeful to be released and go back to the family after 2 months.

How many times has your brother been arrested?
During his 6 years of journalism, he has been arrested 4 times for short period,weeks,and 5 times long term imprisonment. After last years presidential election he was arrested in June of 2009, by Ahvaz Revolutionary Court order and was later released after posting 30,000,000 Tooman bail.

It seems that he has been re-arrested in his family residence, after he was released from jail, in Ahvaz?
Yes. The bail was posted up to the time the court sentencing. But Abolfazl’s arrest on March3/2010 was for the same charges as the ones in the Ahvaz court, by Tehran judiciary system. Abolfazl charges in both Ahvaz and Tehran are very similar.

Has the initial court issued its verdict?
For the same charges as the ones in Ahvaz and per Tehran District Attorney’s request ,while he is confined in Evin prison, He was sentenced by Ahvaz revolutionary court to 11 years of imprisonment.

What are the charges including?
5 years for communication with hostile governments,5 years for activities with the human rights organizations,and 1 year for communicating with media and action against national security.

Has there been any evidence represented to the court regarding these charges?
No. As an example, he has never had any relation with any hostile government. Also,there is no document to support this accusation .But he is still charged for relation with hostile governments and sentenced to 5 years.

What do you think is the real reason behind his arrest?
His only crime is being a journalist and supporting Haft Tapeh Sugar cane factory workers, and the drivers’ union syndicate. He has struggled a lot for their rights.

Have you appealed to the court?The appeal has been filed with the same department that sentenced Abolfazl, by Mr. Oliayieefard. For now this appeal is in the process. We are waiting for the Appeal court to file our complain. Both the Attorney and us are expecting that the sentence in reversed and he is freed ASAP.

Why are you expecting for his immediate release?
Because the charges are lacking supporting evidence. In my opinion his only crime is being a patriot, having sense of humanity,defending to revive human rights,and publishing news on different labor union activities.
Therefore with the lack of supporting evidence in the initial court, I am expecting this sentence to be reversed.

Original in farsi,Link :http://www.free-journalists.com/2010/04/blog-post_29.html

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