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The Patriots Met With Mostafe Badkoobei ,the National Poet

Sunday July 3,2011 ,a group of political activists met with Mostafa Badkoobei.
This meeting was taken place at Mr. Badkoobei’s residence with the presence of members from Pan Iranist party, Jebhe-melli, poets and social activists.
The presence of activists such as Mr. Reza Kermani, Hossein Shahriari the Pan Iranist veterans, Kourosh Zaim and Mehran Bakhtiari from Jebhe-Melli and Mr. Mofti Zadeh of Kurd activists created a national ambiance that this agile poet recited ” When You Say Motherland” and other verses.
On March 10,2011 he was arrested by the security forces and was transferred to the ward 209, in Evin prison.
In February 2011 a subpoena was issued by the revolutionary court and his arrest came after he did not attend the court.
Notably, during the entire period this national poet was detained in solitary confinement.


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