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by Kaveh Shahriari on Monday, November 15, 2010

I am worried! I am worried sick! I, Kaveh Shahriari, the son of Hossein Shahriari, is worried about my father’s situation. The father who is now detained at Rajaiee Shahr Prison. A 74 year old man not in such a good physical condition. He is suffering from aging, Cardiac disease, Asthma, and Prostate disorder. He is imprisoned because of:Patriotism (something that Mashaiee cries for it now a days.), because of communication with the foreign media and propaganda against the sacred Islamic Republic (of course I do not see any justification for it.), and as a consequence of being a Pan_Iranist member (the exact same thing that has not banned by the Islamic Republic constitution.)…. I am worried about my father situation.
If talking about Motherland is an offense, apprehend Mashaiee. If talking to foreign media is a crime (take Ahmadinejad to the court) and of course it is better if do not say anything about the parties.
Therefore free my father.

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