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Saturday September11,2010

According to the latest news, Reza Kermani and Hossein Shahriari ,the former members of the Supreme Council of the Pan Iranist Party and, Hojat Kalashi, the leader of the Pan Iranist Party Youth Organization, have been missing near the city of Isfahan, and likely to be arrested.

The three Nationalist political activists continued their activities under severe pressure and duress, have been detained or threatened several times. During the past year, Reza Kermani, the former mayor of Khorramshahr, has been arrested and released several times. Hossein Shahriari had only been released only for 24 hours before the latest arrest. These two activist have been arrested and prosecuted for publishing the book, Songs of Blood (Mysteries of the Abadan Cinema Rex fire).

Also Hojat Kalashi who was prevented from earning his doctoral degree,was forced to complete his military service in Khash, and during the past few months he has been followed physically, all his phone calls and communications, even the ones that were made from public phone were controlled be advance equipments and listening devices. He was the executive in charge of the protest held by thousands in front of the United Arab Emirates Embassy,in 2008. Also he was the initiator behind hoisting Pan Iranist Party flag on Students day, 2009. Kalashi was the young Nationalist theoretician that was studying both Political Science and Judicial studies to earn his Masters degree. He was also a master mind in philosophical and historical issues. He is originally from Ardebil and the security agents have repeatedly put his family under severe pressure in Ardebil.

It is expected that in the coming days the Nationalist activists in Isfahan, Azerbaijan, Khuzestan, and Tehran to be attacked and pressured. Last year the two Pan Iranist offices in Tehran and Karaj were surrounded by the Security forces, some members were arrested and others were threatened.
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