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Hojat Kalashi and Milad Dehghan, two Pan Iranist members who were arrested on January 21,2011, were charged at Ahwaz prison.
Today, January 22, 2011, Hojat Kalashi, the leader of the Pan Iranist Party Youth Organization and Milad Dehghan, a party member were summoned to Ahwaz Revolutionary Court and were charged with Membership in the Pan Iranist Party, congregating and disturbing the public peace.
Hojat Kalashi, the leader of the Pan Iranist Party Youth Organization, has a Masters in political science and had been sent to exile in Khash for his military service. He was arrested two weeks ago at Reza Kermani’s house along with Arash Kaykhosravi and Shahin Zeinali. A few months ago, he was also arrested in Isfahan along with Hossein Shahriari and Reza Kermani and indicted on the charges of acting against national security and the anti-regime propaganda. Later, they were released on bail. The pressure on the Pan Iranist activists is continued. Abolfazl Abedini and Shahin Zeinali are imprisoned in Evin, Hossein Shahriari is confined in Rajaiee Shahr Prison, and Reza Kermani is detained in the security ward of Rajaiee Shahr Prison.

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