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September 28,2010

Today, following the denial of demand for Medical Leave extension Hossein Shahriari , the veteran official of Pan Iranist Party, who was illegally detained during his medical leave period in Isfahan last week, is returned to Rajaiee Shahr prison to complete his sentence.

Hossein Shahriari, 74 years old, veteran official of Pan Iranist party and former member of the Pan Iranist Leadership High Council, was charged with propaganda against the government and membership in Pan Iranist party and sentenced to 18 months imprisonment in September 2009.

He who suffers from heart and respiratory disease, to seek further specialized medical treatment was granted 15 days Leave from prison.
Only 2 days after the temporary release, Hossein Shahriari and two other Pan Iranist members, Reza Kermani and Hojat Kalashi, were disappeared near city of Isfahan.

5 days after their disappearance, they had a 30 second telephone conversation with their family,only to inform them of their illegal arrest.

Hossein Shahriari and Reza Kermani were released 16 days after their illegal arrest.
It is notewothy to add that Hossein Shahriari never had the opportunity to seek any medical treatment for his conditions during this period.

Reza Kermani,78, Veteran member of Pan Iranist Party and former member of Pan Iranist Leadership High Council, and Hojat Kalashi ,31, the leader of the Youth Organization of Pan Iranist Party are out on bail.

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