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Sunday, August 22, 2010 at 5:17 pm

In 1349, forty years ago, Bahrain was separated from the motherland. I do not want to address its why and how because then it shows the betrayal of the men that probably did not have any knowledge of this great beguilement against the homeland, but at the same time when Bahrain separation plan was presented to the National Assembly, at the time that Shah was the king and Alam was the Minister of the Imperial Court, Hoveida, the prime minister Zahedi,foreign minister and khalatbari his wise. The fraction of Pan Iranist Party led by Mohsen Pezeshkpoor stood against this non-national movement and impeached the government to the point that Alam wrote in his memoir:’Sunday 49-1-9 … Shahanshah (the Empror) was not feeling well. The Secretary of State has presented the plan for Bahrain, Pezeshkpoor, the leader of the Pan Iranist Party, contrary to what we expected and more than what was necessary , has attacked the government , even impeached the government…..”
Alam noted in his memoir reference that:” Only because of Pezeskhpoor’s impeachment of the government with out permission, Pan Iranist Party lost every 5 seats in the next parliamentary election. After this event, Hoveida, under direct command from Shah, sealed the Pan Iranist Party offices across the country and brought its members were under increased pressure.
The story starts from here… Forty years ago Hossein Shahriari (my father), a teacher and a university professor and one of the party members in Khuzestan, was exiled to Fars, by SAVAK. Only because he defended the National interest!!!
And now… in 1389, forty years later, Hossein Shahriari’s heart still beats for the Motherland.
In age 73, for the crime of membership in Pan- Iranist Party, propaganda against the sacred Islamic Republic and communication with the Foreign media, he was sentenced to 18 months in prison. By law,he has the right to have conditional release after he serves for 9 months (half) of the sentence (meaning he will be released and complete his sentence with the provision of absence of committing new offense.). But suddenly he is faced with the Revolutionary Court judge that claims:”His 9 months will be granted only if he he lives in Dezful, for 3 years, and present himself at the Security bureau once every month.” This means exile!!
I told you the story, but is the Iranian society in progression? The society that 40 years ago exiled individuals for nationalism and patriotism, carryout the same act 40 years later!!! What would it be forty years from now, in 1429?
By: Kaveh Shahriari

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