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Student Committee to Defend Political Prisoners, November2, 2010: Hossein Shahriari, Hossein Shahriari, the veteran and member of the Supreme Council of Pan Iranist Party, who was arrested, and sentenced to 18 months imprisonment has been awarded Temporary Medical Release due to his deteriorating physical condition in Rajaiee Shahr prison, for 8 days.

According to komitedefa.com, Hossein Shahriari, a member of the Supreme Council of the Pan Iranist Party, was temporary released due to his aggravating cardiac disease, and other health issues after his arrest, in order to have further medical treatment for eight days. He was awarded the first Temporary Medical Release on August 7, 2010 for fifteen days. He was rearrested a few days later, on his way to the city of Isfahan and was retired to prison.

Hossein Shahriari, member of the Supreme Council of Pan Iranist Party, was arrested in his family residence on August 27,2009 and the 18 months sentence against him that was issued by Karaj Revolutionary Court was carried out simultaneously.

In 2005, he was sentenced to 18 months imprisonment for “propaganda against the regime, and being a member of the Pan Iranist Party” by the Revolutionary Court in Karaj.

Original link: http://www.komitedefa.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=1322%3A1389-08-12-07-11-43&catid=36%3A1389-04-16-11-26-23&Itemid=570

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