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Hossein Shahriari ,born in 1937, teacher,scholar,patriot ,and veteran activist of Pan- Iranist Party, was arrested together with two other party activists Reza Kermani and Ghodratollah Jafari following the Tehran University Dormitory events on 1999.
The authorities jailed Mr. Shahriari for 3 months in Towhid Prison without informing his family of his whereabouts. He was later released on bail. The court issued 5 years suspended sentence against him
In 2004, Mr. Shahriari was rearrested in his home and was imprisoned for 18 days. Later that year the Revolutionary Court sentenced him to 18 months imprisonment for the charges of propaganda against the regime, being affiliated with Pan-Iranist party,and interview with British Broadcasting Radio.
He started serving his 18 months sentence on August 27/2010.
On August 7/2010 court issued a Temporary Medical Leave for Mr. Shahriari for fifteen days. Two days after his release from Rajaiee Shahr Prison, he was re arrested on his way to the City of Isfahan. He was charged with propaganda against the regime. He was released on bail after 18 days.
Since the period of his Medical Leave was over upon his return, Hossein Shahriari went back to Rajaiee Shahr Prison to finish the remainder of his sentence.
The relatives of Hossein Shahriari reported that he suffers from Cardiac disease and Pulmonary disorder.
Due to poor living condition and lack of the basic facilities in Rajaiee Shahr prison, the family and friends are concerned about Hossein Shahriari’s welfare and intensification of his medical conditions.

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