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Wednesday August 11, 2010
HRA News Agency- Yesterday morning, Karoon Ahwaz prison authorities prevented Abolfazl Abedini Nasr from entering the prison clinic.

According to HRANA reporters: This morning, Abolfazl Abedini with the intention to receive his cardiac medication from the prison clinic, was prevented from leaving the ward and was denied request to have his medication. Abolfazl Abedini who suffers from cardiac disease was denied receiving his cardiac medication, and the revolutionary guards prevented him from leaving ward 6, Ahwaz Karoon prison.

The human rights activist intensely suffers from cardiac disease (Mitral Valve Prolapse), and should be under medication treatment. Since the arrival of this journalist and human rights activist at Karoon Ahwaz prison, the authorities have been exerting increasing amount of pressure on him, and all this pressure all this pressure has made it very difficult for him to endure.

The loss of his Request to Transfer to Evin prison, illegally banning his right to call, denied Visitation Rights, preventing him from receiving his cardiac medication is considered the continuity of undue pressure on him.

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