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Saturday, September 11, 2010

HRA News Agency: Yesterday afternoon Hossein Shahriari and Reza Kermani the former members of the Supreme Council of the Pan Iranist Party were arrested by the Security Forces.
According to HRANA , Reza Kermani 77 ,and Hossein Shahriari 74 years old , Pan Iranist activists ,who are residing in Karaj, were arrested on their way to Isfahan to take care of some administrative matters by the Security Forces. Mr. Kermani was aware of being pursuit by the Forces, and had informed his wife prior to his arrest.
Hossein Shahriari,74 years old, is completing his 2 years sentence in Rajaiee shar prison ,and was released on bail for 15 days, only 2 days ago.
Reza Kermani was arrested in Ahwaz airport for attending Dr. Mirani’s funeral. He is currently released on Fifty Million Tooman bail and was to be presented at Ahwaz Revolutionary court next week.

Link: http://hra-news.org/00/3898-1.html

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