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HRANA: Transferring Abolfazl Abedini to Evin Prison’s clinic
Sunday April 11,2010 6:33
(Sunday 1/22/1389 18:33)

HRANA New agency: Abolfazl Abedini, human rights activist and former member of Human Rights Organization in Iran that has been just sentenced to eleven years of confinement was transferred to Evin Prison’s clinic.
According to HRANA report, Abolfazl, the Human Rights activist upon his arrival to section 2 of Evin prison was brutally beaten by the security forces. After a few hours of resisting against the physical torture, due to his severe Mitral Valve Prolapse condition ,arduous beating, and not being able to withstand the suffering, he was moved to the prison’s clinic.

Abolfazl Abedini was arrested after the Presidential election in the city of Ahvaz on 05/08/1388. He finished his sentence at Sepidar prison in Ahvaz and made bail. Abolfazl was re-arrested on 12/11/ 1388. After the Security Forces conspiracy against the Human Rights activists, The revolutionary guard raided his residence and brutally beat and arrest him. Abedini was barbarically beaten and tortured by cable and fan belt in his other earlier arrests. Abolfazl’s shoddy physical condition after his release was utterly evident of the physical torture.

It is needless to say that he was sentenced to eleven years of confinement by Ahvaz revolutionary court a week before the incident.

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