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Mohsen Pezeshkpour (Pendar) after years of fighting and challenging for his national ideals and
patriots beliefs, passed away on January 6, 2011.
Pendar, with the belief in unity and honor for the Great Iran, since adolescence has set foot on the hard path of challenge and throughout his 80 something years of ups and downs of his life, he dedicated his destiny in the way of increasing national awareness and consciousness, re-claiming the entire Iranian nation rights, and establishing the nation sovereignty based on Iranian Nationalist ideals.
What we have learned throughout these years through his companionship is, the love of Iran, loyalty to the ideas of the movement and the party, morality and mannerism in the course of challenge, not surrounding to oppression and cruelty, and the split domination of the nation, generous disposition and sacrifice, understanding the truth, expressing the truth, pursuing the truth, generosity, politics, wisdom,
vitality, gratitude, liberality, timeliness, order in affairs, patience, peace, hope and hope and hope.
The Pan-Iranist Party Youth Organization with this belief set foot in what has been learned from Pendar to arouse the patriotism ideals in unity of the Great Iran throughout the families and our children’s heart, and the awakening flames cease the dark nights and dark separation, division and discord, and all the children of Iran with any taste to bring single point to unite the move.
Pan-Iranist Youths, with great sadness, give condolences to all Iranians and Pan-Iranist patriots with the wish for his soul to rest in peace.
Shall his soul to be the guardian of the Great Iran.
Tehran- Pan-Iranist Party Youth Organization
January 6, 2011

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