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October 27, 2010 at 10:30pm
Student Committee to Defend Political Prisoners: Hossein Shahriari the veteran and member of the Supreme Council of Pan Iranist Party, who is completing his sentence in Rajaiee Shahr prison, was transferred to the prison infirmary due to his poor physical condition.

According to Student Committee to Defend Political Prisoners, on Tuesday afternoon, October 26,2010, Hossein Shahriari contacted his family and informed them that he was transferred to Rajaiee Shahr Prison clinic due to his poor physical condition on Monday October 25,2010.

Also on Tuesday, following the raid by the prison security officers on the political prisoners cell, his inscriptions were taken away.

The physical deterioration of the 74 years old prisoner on one hand and the alarming news from the prison, has escalated the concern of this political activist family.

Recently Shahriari was on Temporary Release from Prison due to his illness and lack of specialized treatment in the prison, by the prison physician’s recommendation.

Hossein Shahriari is a veteran and member of Supreme Council of the Pan Iranist Party. He was charged with propaganda against the regime, and being a member of Pan Iranist Party. He is completing his sentence at Rajaiee Shahr prison in Karaj. He was arrested at his family house on September 25,2009 and the sentence that was issued by Karaj Revolutionary court was then carried out.

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