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This note is written by a 12 years old individual for Mr. Hossein Shahriari ,The veteran Pan Iranist member, who has returned to Rajaiee Shahr prison due to denied Request to Extend the Temporary Medical Release.
With the hope for freedom of Hossein Shahriari and all political prisoners
Long Live Iran

I know Mr. Hossein Shahriari through my parents. He is an ambitious and courageous old patriot that has been continuously going in and out of prison for many years. I have learned about his love and honor for Iran and all his efforts to petition and strike against any separation of the Land and any kind of racis , his desire for unity, and to set aside our differences and displeasure of each other, to be unified and sincerer with each other . He has been boldly and fearlessly fighting against all odds for his love of Iran and his desire of Iran to be honored.

I have many feelings about Hossein Shahriari being in prison. I don’t know what his family is going through, but if I were in their shoes, I would be very sad and lonely. I would cry myself to sleep and loose my smile and laughter forever because my life would be empty of his love and affections!! I don’t know how I would feel when he is not there during an important event such as a birthday and instead he is lonely in a small cell drawn in his thoughts with no loved one . I am sure his presence is going to be greatly missed at home. At times I think of how he spends his day in prison, how he is being treated, and how his health is. I can’t imagine what his family is going through thinking of these same things.

The more I think,the more I am sure with his strength and dedication he can withstand any hardship and difficulty to reach his ambitions. His fearless and brave crusade for his love of Iran makes me proud . I would have wished I were a brave and fearless patriot like him, to be able to withstand the obstacles to have honor and freedom of Iran and all Iranians. I am gratified to know this individual. Hossein Shahriari is a very courageous and bold patriot that has touched many lives.
written by- anonymous

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