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The article is adaption of  Be familiar with Pan Iranism and Pan Iranist Party

By: Mr. Reza Kermani

Why opposite and opposite sign?
Since the founding and commencing of the school of Pan Iranism (September 5,1947), the Pan Iranists have been placed in a hostile world. All around Iran and any land with Iranian decedent and subsistence , Pan Iranism, with resurgence of solidarity, being face to face with anti-humanity, and anti national thoughts and cogitations. Pan Iranists have been faced off with school of politics created and made by sinful and indisposed minds, evident or occult plot against Iranian race and being opponent of Iran’s power ,liberty and pride. We have been face to face with signs of individualism,self interest, racial discrimination, improper administrative practices and wrongful social demeanor, and finally colorful conspiracies to disintegrate the Land, and violation of Iranian nation’s rights and being.
We can not have any other emblem but the opposite sign with the resurrection feature to unity, power, and the re advancement of Iranian culture that we are familiar with, and the desire to re-create the royal kingdom as our universal mission. We are against any individual or anything that is against the
strength, power, and unity of Iranian nation.
We are opposed to any inhumane school of thought and internationalist cogitation.
We are opposed to colonialism, colonial policies, colonization supporters, and colonizing plots.
We are opposed to all the egocentric organizations and individuals who their thoughts and discourse for Iranian race and royal kingdom is nothing but loss,detriment,and helplessness.
We are opposed to any archaic dominant custom that through out the past 200 years were unified to bring servitude , disgrace, and dispersion to this Land. Also with the evident or occult efforts to extinct the unity and freedom of Iranian nation.
We are opposed to separation and dispersion of the Iranian territory.
We are opposed to dispersion and separation on the Iranian ethnic groups from each other.
We are opposed to Iran’s ruling power that together with the enemies created the dispersion for the nation.
We are opposed to all thought of Anti-Iranian and xenophile.
Therefore the opposite sign is embedded in the Pan Iranist flag.

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