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Undesirable Conditions for Abolfazl Abedini In Ahwaz Karoon Prison
Friday June 4, 2010

HRA News Agency: Abolfazl Abedini Nasr, journalist and formerly human rights activist in Iran who has been recently transferred to Ahwaz Karoon Prison, has been kept in undesirable conditions, and his life in in imminent danger.

According to HRANA reporters; Abedini is confined in joint number 6 which is named the political joint. To create excessive burden on him, he has been placed with dangerous criminals in the same cell. Throughout this time this journalist has been threatened to death by his cellmates.

Recently he had been sentenced to 11 years of confinement by Branch 1 Ahwaz Revolutionary Court. While there were of 14 days left to file motion to appeal the primary sentencing, the primary judgment was confirmed by the 11th branch, Court of Appeals.

The human rights activist was arrested in his family home on March 3, 2010 after the attack of sixty security forces base on the pre-set scenario by the intelligent officers.

Numerous times, Abolfazl has been transferred to Evin prison clinic due to mental and physical torture while he was detained in Section 2, Evin Prison.

This young journalist suffers from cardiac problems. His cardiologist has warned the authorities numerous times of his dangerous health condition being detained for a long period of time, placed in a closed environment, undue stress, and lack of cardiac medication intake.
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