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Us and the Prison Walls

Today Sunday August 1,2010, after a long delay and suspense,I could finally visit my dad.10 minutes behind the thick dirty glass and a receiver that no sound would come out of it!!!

As always dad was pretending to be fine and strong, but when he was talking abut the abominable prison conditions, I knew how much he is worried in his heart and mind. Like the previous times, he was carrying a book faking as he is reading it, he always does this to pretend that he has been surrounded by ordinary situation to make us a little less concern…

When he was talking about his cellmate, Khaled Jerdani, and stating that there is no news of him, the worrisome and uneasiness could be seen on his face. When I inquired about Arjang Davoodi,and I felt a little at ease because I found out he was not doing too bad.

During this course, every time that I came back from the Prison,it felt like I had worked 24 hours a day in a concentration camp for months…. Anyhow this is the way to do it. On my way back from the Prison,I always think :”Shame on us that we think we are free on the other side of the prison walls. Frequently, we even forget that only a few meters away, behind those horrendous walls, what circumstances they are facing as they go through life.”

With the wish for freedom of all political prisoners

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