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Where is my vote?

Where is my vote?

The great nation of Iran;

The Pan Iranist Party, at this critical juncture of history of our country with the knowledge of national and patriotic duty to you, before you, the true companion and actual ruler of the country, affirms that will not participate in the Iran’s ninth parliamentary election .With the knowledge and awareness of the importance, effect and value of the vote, and your political demeanor and opinion, request that you our dear countrymen not to present at the polls and hand in hand with national determination actively acknowledge the non-existing policy and choose not to vote as the best selection.
The logic and reason behind this selection as follow;
In the new era establishing great path of land is done by knowledge and acceptance of the people and their presence in political scene. Then the free will of a civil society occurs. A place that is homeland to the bodies and forces and law protects them. In other developed societies the ruling party is not everything. The representative of the people has the power and their authorities are set by the law. While in our country our current rulers are trying to fade the meaning and presence of the people in the political scene and finally define them beneath their own will and wisdom. Therefore all the laws, structures and institutions are set in its ways.
Today’s leaders have appointed the Guardian council to control and govern the people’s will and intelligence. With turning their back on the historic path of the country and its people intelligence, they have created a parliament that starts were where the nation’s will is stopped behind the closed doors. This move opposed to the historic path has changed the representatives into individuals alienated from the nation, as we witnessed during the past 8 parliament that they rather guard their own interest instead of people’s interest. The representatives, as other officials by being involved in security and judicial institutions, have hidden their corruption and are protected from any questioning. They do not allow the issues become clear. On the other hand they have invaded the freedom or any possibility to compete so they can secure and not losing their position that has been everything to them.
This process has brought widespread corruption with itself. Industries and the economy is on the verge of bankruptcy and unemployment, inflation, crime, addiction, prostitution and corruption has increased. In addition to the internal corruption that is enough to strive the country, there is also facing the devastating threats from outside too. By imposing former trends on the political atmosphere and insisting by the rulers to create oppression a situation cannot be created to overcome the current crisis and complex issues.
With regards to all said, as a minimum request, we want the people of Iran not to not to be present at the polls and do not vote.
Pan Iranist youth organization recommends that in these susceptible and volatile circumstances that Iran is facing both internal and external threats, instead of design and organize dangerous games and being happy with the prefabricated performances let’s take a great step by choosing and accepting the sovereignty of the nation,
1) Obey the rule of law
2) Legitimate freedom to be granted to the people and pave the way to democracy and people’s vote.
3) The oppression and repression stops, free all political prisoners, stop illegal behavior and detaining.
4) The nation’s violators and abusers to be tried in the court of law and allow the judicial system to have fair trials.
In this case, with the acceptance of peoples will we can celebrate Norooz and gather for the spring.
Certainly, Pan Iranist party, is counting down with eagerness and hope like all decent people inside or outside the country, to participate with vitality and public confidence in real, national, fair and accurate elections.
Youth Pan Iranist Party Organization
Tehran, February 27,2012


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