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Pan Iranism is a movement based on the belief that all Iranians shall live in their true Homeland under one flag. Pan Iranism is developed due to the current condition of Iran. Needless to say that during the past 150 years, Iran has been disintegrated and Iranians have been living on separate lands under different governments. The ideal s and doctrine of Pan Iranism is based on nationalism. This great movement has been formed and organized after the repetitive attacks from Russia,Britain and United States of America.
The Pan Iranists are the individuals who prosper vast knowledge about Iranian studies. Through the historical evidence, they know the political,racial, and historical boundaries and strife for Human Rights of their countrymen. For the past several decades,this well established Party has been making great efforts only for the glory of Iran, and had never attempted to have financial, ranking,… benefits through its endeavors. It only cogitate about Iran and Iranians. It deliberates against any opprobrious colonization by Russia or Britain. Its great contemplation for Iran is to be abundant,global and civilized.
The past 1 ½ century of historical evidence rightfully shows and teaches us that the foreign governments and the treachery and treason of the ruling government caused our motherland to be separated and colonized. Our compatriots in north, south, east, and west were separated from their brothers and sisters, living in the separated lands.
The evidence and the documents that are embedded in our 6000 years of history is known as the best testimony for the ones that are known as Iranian and had a role in manifesting the Iranian culture.
The foundation of Pan Iranism is the ideal of historical Nationalism. According to the school of Nationalism, nation is the historical subject and issue,not a political deal. Therefore if a group of Iranians are besieged in a piece of land, and name it Iran, and even joining the international community to pass this Land as Iran ,this piece of territory will not be Iran. Iran is known through the history and Iranian nation is being represented by its true and historical existence. Nationalism encourages unity and integration for each Iranian. If we want to interpret Pan Iranism through nationalism, it should be added that “Pan Iranism is the need of Iranian nation through the separation and disjuncture intervals.”
In short the ideal of Pan Iranism is based on historical nationalism provisions for the Iranian nation.
The doctrine of Pan Iranism is based on social nationalism beliefs. The formula for Pan Iranism doctrine relies on genuineness of the nation. It is the movement that its historical task is the great Iran.
In this principal the origination of the nation’s capital as whom or what group it came from will not be discussed but how to spend the funds for the benefits of the nation will be studied. Also the subject of what group of people are eligible to rule will not be discussed but the governorship (rule of the nation) should act the way that be able to activate the present organizations to have the greatest profit and benefit for the nation. Therefore the legislative unit that has regards in nationalism is the nation that is explained through historical nationalism.
Pan Iranist is an individual that wants unity and integration for every race and religion. It wants all Iranians to set aside their differences and animosity, and not to actify the racial, religious and social class gaps, to have sincere relations with each other, to have brotherhood and be coherent.
Mr. Reza Kermani one of the veteran Pan Iranist activists explains Pan Iranism as “Pan Iranism is combined of three words. <>, <> and the third one is the<< -ism>>that is the resurrection
solidarity and freedom loving nation. The word Pan means “All “.This word is used in European languages. Its roots can also be found in dialect and accent in Iran. Pan Germanism, Pan Turkism, Pan Islamism, Pan American, is used in the sense of unity and solidarity. In Iranian dialect and accents the word <> means great, expanded,….The word Iran carries the beautiful name of our motherland, Iran. The section or the suffix< -ism>,represents the school of thoughts, reflections and ideals. The word or the suffix <-ist> represents individuals, organizations , or establishments that pursue the same ideal.
Pan Iranism is the school of unity and solidarity of the nation, and Pan Iranist is an individual and establishment that believe in Pan Iranism. Considering the above said subjects, Pan Iranist is an individual that wants solidarity and unity for all the races and religions of Iranian Nation. This doctrine wants all Iranians to set aside all animosity and differences aside ,not to actify the racial, religious, and social classes gap, to have sincere relationship with each other, and join the path of brotherhood and unity.

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