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I do not want to perform autopsy on contemporary politics! But for once I want to find the answer to this question. Through out Iran’s contemporary history there have been different speculations and reflections that each one has been based on a specific consideration to reach a goal that has been formed predominately.
Communists!Toodehists! Pan Iranists! Socialists (of different sorts)! Many religious and other political believers that I might oppose but respect them all! Why they do not explain the answer to the question,”What is the meaning of Reformist?”.
The word Reform, that was adopted by the end of 1370 decade (end of 1990 decade)with the emergence of a person named Seyed Mohammad Khatami in Iran’s political arena ?! Who is a reformist and basically what does he want to reform? Those years we kept asking what does Reform mean?They put us down even though we were patriots,we were branded ignorant! We hollered! We were deprived of higher education and were tortured! But ultimately our cries got nowhere! Years passed and there is no need to review what happened to the nation!!! And the same question still remains?
The ones that are still supporting the reform, what do they want to reform?To reform the sectarian government that adheres to the Supreme leader? Totalitarian government that steals the votes? The rulers that could not even tolerate funeral for Pezeshkpour, Hejazi and Sahabi? And shamelessly assassinate the daughter in her father’s funeral?
Friends, fellow reformists! Explain yourselves to us! What things do you intend to reform?Does not reform mean that you accept the whole, but considering some violations can be corrected within the system????
Is it reformable?Are you fooling yourselves or us?
Kaveh Shahriari

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