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Ezzatollah Sahabi passed away! The authorities did the same thing that they did with the body Mohsen Pezeshkpour (the founder of Pan Iranist Party) body few months ago. Attempted to kidnap the corpse and buried secretly !! Up to this part of the story is so repetitive. But this time at the time of funeral something strange happens! Ms. Haleh Sahabi, the political prisoner who was on Temporary Leave from prison and mourning her father’s funeral, is killed because of beating and battery during a conflict!!!!!
How strange!
I do not know if this was a calculated move by the authorities, or a unwanted and foolish behavior out of anger! But whatever the reason is, the action is brutal and inhumane!
And worse than that according to the published news the body of Ms. Haleh Sahabi has been buried under tight security measures!This act by itself is a an evidence of not practicing Islam! I wrote this because I know that the Sahabis are a devout family.
And all these are a preface to my last words;
Haleh Sahabi, like many others, lost her life on the path to freedom of Homeland! Lets come together in the virtual world not to make a myth and not recite the tragedy. Lets come together with novel plans for Iran’s freedom.
And lets more than before think of this statement by Dr. Mohammad Reza Ameli; “ So, from now on do not think of me, think of Iran.”
Hail to all that lost their lives on the path of freedom for Iran.
Kaveh Shahriari
June 1/2011

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