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HRANA: Mohammad Olyaiefard, Certified Defense Attorney is arrested
Saturday May 1/2010

HRA News Agency: Mohammad Olyaiefard, certified defense attorney has been arrested this morning.

According to HRANA, he has been arrested after he was served the decree by Sattari, the head of the 26TH branch of the Revolutionary Court.

In March 2010,Mohammad Olyaiefard was summoned to the court with the pretense of reviewing his clients’ case and was arrested in the same court on that day.

This criminal defense attorney, after Behnood Shojaee execution,commented in an interview, that the execution of his client was not enforceable, because he was a minority (under 18 years of age) . Later he had been summoned to the government public prosecutor office and after establishing a case against him, he was charged with propaganda against the government, and was sentenced.

This is the second time during the past 3 months that he is arrested and sent to Evin prison with the false charges of propaganda against the government. The arrest happens at the time that the decree has not been communicated to him or any of his attorneys up to this date. In deed the demeanor of his arrest is against the law and with out consideration for the 20 days deadline for his appeal.

It must be said that, Mohammad Olyaiefard practices defending minors sentenced to execution, political activists, civic,and student activists. After his complaint against the torture by the security minister interrogators,he had been charged with blasphemy,insult,and malicious accusation by security ministry in 2008.

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